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Cabot Greenhouse and Nursery was created in 1989 by Gary Katz and Vicki Yamasaki with the help of their 3 children, Sara, Jonathan and Elliott. Back then, production included fresh vegetables for sale and a few petunias grown from seed.

Gary is the true "farmer" of this operation. He grew up on his family's 500 acre fruit orchard in southern New Jersey, resulting in an interest in pomology and then to attend Cornell University School of Agriculture. He received a BS from Cornell in biochemistry and continued his education in that field for another few years before deciding to change course and go back to the family farm in N.J. In 1974, he and Vicki started farming and as an outlet for their produce, ran a very busy little outdoor vegetable market. Since then their interests have expanded and they have continued to grow.

Presently, here at Cabot Greenhouse and Nursery you will find a vast array of the newest and most reliable in summer bedding plants; robust vegetable starts to give you the jump on Vermont's short growing season; perennials, shrubs and shade trees; fruit trees and blueberry bushes; and the ever expanding conifer collection. You will still find Gary here at the core of growing all of these plants, and Vicki tending to the greenhouses and busy making her signature combination planters. In recent years this operation has been bolstered with the help of our neighbor and most enthusiastic gardener, Peter Lanoue, whose dedication to our work is invaluable.

If you are already familiar with us, thank you for supporting small independent nurseries. With each visit you are sure to find unique offerings here. We value the one-on-one relationships we can have with our customers. If you are coming to explore for the first time, we look forward to seeing you!